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His protests were called “Woe the Church Ministry” and members dressed in sackcloth, held thick wooden staves, smeared ashes on their foreheads and stormed into Sunday morning church sermons to warn the congregation of the end of the world.

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He called her his “first wife,” but he was known to sleep with any woman who had the privilege of meeting him.I stopped at the local library, where I often went to read glossy women’s magazines. Take this quiz and find out now.” I had heard the word “cult” when I was younger and had been trained to answer that, “No, I had not grown up in a cult” or “What’s a cult? Take this quiz and find out now.” I stopped crying. I was told they were my “family in the Lord.” We called ourselves “The Children of God.” I wasn’t allowed to leave without permission.If I did, I would be banned from ever returning and doomed to eternal hell and condemnation in the afterlife. My parents followed him but were never allowed to see him. In photos he would white out his face and draw a picture of a lion head.Father David shunned any attention to fashion or outer appearance.“Worldliness,” he called it, was a device of the Devil.

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